Sunday, January 19, 2014

The call/text I was hoping for...and Jeni got it first.

One of the few pics of me, sans helmet.
January 19, 2014.

We have a nice core group of 501st members, and 501st members in waiting in central Kentucky. Enough members, in fact, that we’re considering applying for Squad status within our Midsouth Garrison. We have already voted in a name for the group: Blue Sun Squad. And at this point, we’ve decided we need a logo. I’ve volunteered to get the ball rolling, and that’s what I’m working on this afternoon while waiting on the Broncos vs. Patriots to play for a Super Bowl berth.

As I’m plugging away on logo designs and ideas, I hear Jennifer literally bounding up the step. As she gets to my office, she asks if I sent her a text message in the last couple minutes. I tell her no, to which she says “Good. I got it first.” Long story condensed to very short status, she’s currently using my old phone number, and a text came in.

It was Dave Hester, the GML for the 501st Legion’s Midsouth Garrison.

I’m approved, and now an official member of the 501st. Yet another step into this larger world.

SL-68888 reporting for duty.

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