Sunday, September 2, 2018

SitRep: September 2, 2018

Wow. February 2015? Really? And that was a catch-up post for all of 2014. It’s a good thing I don’t run a newspaper, huh? Ok, so current status of the 501st Legion in Kentucky. We have, as of May 4, 2018, our own garrison. Covering the geographical boundaries of the state, we are Bluegrass Garrison. Blue Sun Squad is still intact, and we also have Derby City Squad covering Louisville and most of the rest of Kentucky. As with every member of the 501st, we are free to troop wherever, since squads and garrisons are supposed to be for logistical planning purposes. The wife and I have trooped several events in and around Knoxville with our Midsouth Garrison friends, and have a few more coming up soon. Good times!

What has this Sith Lord been doing recently? Well, not sitting idly by. We’ve had some ups and downs; lots of troops, lots of love spread, lots of tears, some new stuff in the works. The wife and kid have new kits in the works, as does this guy. (Relax, it’s still a Sith Lord…just not one who’s all popular and stuff like the former Anakin.) All of that is will be debuted in the coming months and it’ll be fun.

I have another full post in the works, but as a short preview, this has been a rough patch for your 501st members. A ton of tears, a ton of asking “WHY?!?!?”, and a ton of learning to be better people, because of one 5 year old fan of Star Wars. He showed us courage, faith, and joy even in the face of certain death. Literally. We should all be better people for having known Bruce. He had a wise soul, and I will be happy when I can see him again. The selfish side of me hopes that’s not for another sixty years or so….

For the record, this is a personal outlet for SL-68888. I’m old school like that; yes, a blog page. Facebook is limiting, and the rest are for “look at me” people. Here, I can go as in depth or as short as I want. If you want to read, great. There will probably be links published publicly for whomever to read, and for whomever to comment or share. Feel free. I’m open on constructive criticism or friendly debate or wholesale agreement. If you don’t want to read and interact, c’est la vie. Just know you’ll get 100% truth, as I see it, back from me, either way.

More coming soon. Bruce deserves way more words than this, and now we have on of our own 501st with (probably) stage 3 breast cancer. There’s gonna be a lot of pink troopers in October. Bet that.

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